Published on 28 February 2019


I’m a freelance software developer by trade, primarily working in web technologies. A little over 10 years ago, I burned out, and decided regular corporate work wasn’t really for me any more. My last day at that job was 08/08/2008, the first day of the Beijing Olympics, and a fortuitous date in Asian numerology. It was a coincidence, but one I hoped was a sign of good things to come.

Since then, I’ve worked as a contractor at major corporates, part- and full-time at start-ups, freelanced, and everything in-between across a wide range of fields. I’ve had the opportunity to travel for work as well as work while traveling, and get to giggle with the odd recruiter who tries to upsell a role to me by telling me the perks are being able to work one day from home a week, and choosing my hours.

I’m also a wife, and a mum to a cheeky and ever cheerful daughter. And more grateful than ever that my portable professional skills afford me the opportunity and flexibility to be a Stay at Home, Working from Home Mum. Despite how challenging that can be.

Ever the magpie and tinkerer, I have lots of interests from food, to photography, and crafting. I like to learn how things work, and working with my hands lets me exercise my left-handed right-brain, as well as my technical and computery left-brain.

So you can see, I wear many hats. I’ve collected several over the years, and no doubt will collect more in years to come. And thusly, I have Hats Aplenty.

Hats Aplenty

I’ve maintained websites on and off since high-school in the mid-to-late 90s. I say ‘maintained’ because at the time blogging wasn’t really a thing. I started by creating fan-sites for things on places like Angelfire and Geocities, and once I started Computer Science at university, wrote my own CMS (as you do), running it off a server I built (as you do) that served the website on dialup internet (as you do), and have been blogging on and off on various platforms ever since.

The current incarnation of my blog kicked off in 2015. After several years on Tumblr, only periodically writing original content, I had decided I actually missed writing, and wanted to share in longer, if not long, -form, about things that I’ve learned, or am learning, or what I simply enjoy in my work, recreation, and life in general. If only because this is the sort of blog I like to find when I'm searching for information online.

On this site, I'll be writing with my Cook hat, my Maker Hat, my Dev Hat, my Mum Hat, and any other Hat that I happen to be juggling in my sometimes interesting life.