Chatty Baby

Published on 18 September 2019

Things have been quiet on here, I know. Winter tends to kick my butt, but I've also been pretty busy getting my new business going. It's been a (not terribly) fun learning experience, but all the annoying administrative stuff is now sorted (at least until tax time) and I have a new product to show for it.

I'd like to introduce my new app Chatty Baby, an app that allows you to track your child's verbal development as they grow from babblers to chatterboxes.

Chatty Baby screenshot
Chatty Baby screenshot
Chatty Baby screenshot

With Chatty Baby, you can add tags to words so that you can group them by category, or by language if you run a multi-lingual household, as well as add pronunciations which allows you to see how your child's pronunciation evolves over time.

There is also a reporting function which you can use to chart the rate of vocabulary growth as a whole or by tags.

Lastly, I've also included an export function so that you can export your child's words into CSV (comma-separated variable) format which you can nerd out and tinker with the data to your heart's content. Want to create a tag cloud, or create a milestone board? Go for it.

Chatty Baby is currently available on the App Store, but will be releasing it on Google Play soon.

Check it out, and let me know if you have any feedback!